Laurent de Wilde

Laurent de Wilde • © Sylvain Gripoix

Piano / France

Internaonally renowned jazz pianist, Laurent de Wilde is described as an exci ng and passionate musician pursuing a number of varied projects including his jazz trio and electronic music.
He collaborated with ar sts such as the slammer Abd Al Malik and actor Jacques Gamblin. De Wilde hosted two documentary flms for Arte TV on Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus. In 2016, Riddles, a piano duet album with African legend Ray Lema is released and the duet is performing regularly on French and European stages.

Recently, to mark the centennial of Thelonious Monk's birthday and the twen eth anniversary of the publica on of his mul -awarded Thelonious Monk biography, de Wilde's album en tled New Monk Trio is released and receives the “prix du disque français 2017” of the French Academy of jazz. De Wilde has just released his second book The Heroes of Sound (published by Grasset), a saga of the inventors of keyboards in the twen eth century.

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