Master Classes

The Festival has been hosting the Master Classes residencies for young ensembles (duos, trios, quartets...) since 1982.
Over a number of days, the public is free to attend these daytime performance classes in the grounds of the Château de Florans.

The 2019 Ensembles:


The 2018 Teachers:

Claire Désert piano, Emmanuel Strosser piano, Christian Ivaldi piano,
Jean-Marc Phillips-Varjabédian
violin, Raphaël Pidoux cello, Vincent Coq piano,
Olivier Charlier
violin, Yovan Markovitch cello

The young instrumentalists are usually drawn from the CNSMD schools of Paris and Lyon. The workshops allow an alternative and very lively approach to musical practice. When a performance class is open to the public, it takes on another dimension. It is an important tool for raising public awareness of the creative act. Teachers provide illumination not only to pupils but also to an audience that is passionate about the many facets of the works being studied.

And to celebrate a week of interactions, teachers and pupils will gather together on stage for a lively concert – La Soirée des Ensembles en Résidence in the grounds of the Château de Florans on 15 August at 8 pm!


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