Olivier Garouste

Olivier Garouste • © Ania Winkler

Director, film editor, image-maker

Born in 1979, he grows up in Paris and gets his training through the school of practice O.S.F. Parisian Pirate TV in 1998, with the slogan “Don’t watch television, make it!”
Using many different film techniques, from animation to mixed images, from theatre to film, he continuously develops different projection styles.
Various eclectic documentary films: “Rond-Point Paris Beyrouth” 2008 (filmed in Lebanon), “Traduire Manticore”, or the making of “Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob”... Short films like “Ça tourne court” prizewinner at the Independent Film Festival in New York, 2004
Visual creations for the stage, from theatre to music and dance (Jazz à la Villette, Banlieue Bleue, Elysée Montmartre, Batofar, etc...), jazz, rock, electronic music... For the Théâtre du Rond-Point, Théâtre de la Ville, for Philippe Starck, with Jean-Claude Gallotta, Matthew Shipp, etc.
And finally, coming from a community life background, with the image group YA-K, who “enlightened” the Métalomix nights, Olivier aims to bring the public closer to his work; to find common grounds, and foster a “neighborhood” feeling which has become rare nowadays...

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