Environmental responsibility

A sustainable and inclusive Festival

The Festival continues its commitment to an environmentally responsible approach with an event flying the banners of sustainability and solidarity.
By raising awareness amongst performers, teams and festivalgoers, the Festival seeks to adopt a policy of rationalising transport, managing waste and an environmentally responsible purchasing policy, all as part of sustainable use of the site and an ever-renewed solidarity movement.
For over thirty-five years, the Festival has expanded and improved while maintaining the same ethic. Today, environmental and other issues confronting citizens are at the heart of our practices and actions. Since 2017, The Festival is a member of the Collectif des Festivals Eco-responsables et Solidaires en PACA (Cofees).

Encouraging environmentally friendly travel

  • Aix-La Roque shuttle
  • Encouraging festivalgoers to practice car sharing
  • Electric shuttle buses from the car park to the stage for persons with reduced mobility
  • Rehearsal rooms on the same site as artist accommodation
  • Bicycles available for artists and employees
  • Distribution of accommodation list for festivalgoers

Keeping the site clean and tidy

  • Sorting festivalgoers and festival staff waste
  • Collection and recycling of paper/card, glass, plastic/aluminium packaging, IT consumables
  • Collection of used batteries
  • Using glass containers to avoid the use of plastic drinks containers

Optimising the association's operational resources

  • Economising energy (natural acoustics for the majority of concerts, therefore no amplification, replacing all non-stage lighting with LED lighting...)
  • Controlling water usage (push buttons for sinks, urinals and public toilets, flow reduction, solenoid valves for integrated watering of the grounds...)
  • Progressive transition to paperless marketing to the general public
  • Rationalisation of paper printing, using double-sided printing and recycled paper...
  • Use of products and services that protect the environment (office supplies, household appliances, catering for artists and staff...)
  • Sharing, recycling and/or re-use of materials and equipment
  • Optimisation and sharing of equipment deliveries

Sustainable operation of the site

Every summer, the Clinique du Château de Florans hosts the main Festival stage in its grounds. Throughout the year, the team responsible for the medical establishment's green spaces handles maintenance for the site.

  • Maintaining the trees (trimming, a range of pruning techniques, bi-annual monitoring by an agricultural engineer)
  • Regular renewal of plantations, enriching the diversity of plant specimens
  • Restoration of ancient gardens, management of the plant and tree heritage (nature reserves, woodland, rose garden, etc)
  • Scheduled irrigation
  • Brush cutting, terracing...

Choosing local and inclusive citizenship

  • Welcoming excluded audiences
  • Working with social organisations
  • Loaning of equipment, logistics support and advice from cultural associations and events.
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