Social and cultural actions

High school students at the Festival

Within the framework of the agreement for artistic and cultural education signed in July 2017 with the Aix and Nice Academies’ rectorate, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, and the Regional Directorate for Food, Agriculture, and Forestry, the Region Sud is committed to culture in high schools and Apprentice Training Centers (CFA). 2022 marks the fourth edition of a discovery trip implemented by the Festival and the Region Sud.
From 26 to 29 July, thirty or so young people come together to discover the Festival’s world. A visit to the Château de Florans Park and a meeting with the Artistic Director René Martin give them a glimpse of a large-scale event backstage. This educational stay is also an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the musical world during introductory sessions on the music and keyboard instruments histories. There are also listening workshops and discussions with artists and the piano tuner. They have the chance to live to the rhythm of the Festival and to open up to the pleasure of music, by attending several concerts.
The invited students come from different high schools in the region.


Access to culture for everyone

Ensembles en Provence

On the ground of its social responsibilities, the Bouches-du-Rhone Department has developed a proactive policy of access to cultural, sporting, and environmental activities that promote social cohesion and the citizens well being. The « Ensemble en Provence » initiative contributes to equal access for everyone to local life in the department, particularly by helping those who are prevented from doing so. It is through the intermediary of the territory’s social structures that the inhabitants, in groups, are associated with the cultural events.

For several years now, the Festival has been offering educational evenings for the priority audiences of the Ensemble en Provence program. These evenings consist of a personalized welcome for the group, a meeting before the concert with a presentation of the artists and the works played, and finally the performance.

Cultures du cœur

Cultures du Coeur is an association that promotes the integration of the most disadvantaged through access to culture, sports, and hobbies. Created in 1998 on the initiative of figures from the performing arts and employment professionals, it is intended for people and families in difficulty. In concrete terms, Cultures du Cœur asks cultural organizations to make invitations available to people who are excluded from cultural activities for economic or social reasons.

The Festival offers invitations to these audiences.