Become a sponsor

Why do we need you ?

To continue this beautiful adventure of 40 years… Because of its international notoriety, the Festival must continue, thanks to you, to take part in the cultural influence of Provence.
To support a concert… and share an exceptional moment with your employees, your clients, your partners, in the unique and preserved setting of the Château de Florans Park.
To support our projects…

To promote access to classical music for all
To make young audiences aware of live performances and to help them discover the world of the piano
To promote young generations of artists and musical excellence

How to associate your company to the Festival's values ?

To be a patron of the Festival is to commit yourself to a Festival of international renown, with a unique identity in the world of performing arts and with strong national and international media coverage.
This commitment can take the form of donations: financial, in kind or in skills.

Supporting the Festival means :

Supporting a concert and sharing a unique moment with your guests in the Parc du Château de Florans.
Opening up and giving access to classical music to all audiences, especially young people and vulnerable groups.
Promoting young generations of artists and musical excellence.

The advantageous conditions of the tax system in terms of sponsorship for a receipt for donations to works will be issued by the association of general interest in France (law of 1 August 2003-art. 238 bis of the cgi)
– For the company: a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation up to a limit of €20,000 or 0.5% of the company’s gross sales (the company can deduct the excess payments from its tax over the next 5 years).
the donation is not subject to vat and does not increase the company’s commercial revenue.
– The tax authorities recognise the existence of counterparts provided that there is a marked disproportion between the sums paid and the value of the counterparts. up to 25% of the donation


corporate events

You are a company and you wish to organize a unique event; for its 43nd edition, the Festival opens its reception areas and offers you, beyond any partnership commitment, musical evenings in the exceptional setting of the Château de Florans Park

A unique moment

Offer an exceptional evening to your clients, partners and employees. Exchange ideas in a unique and convivial setting, for an unforgettable moment of music and meetings.

Around a concert: Cocktail reception for 20 people or more

  • A reception desk dedicated to companies
  • A room programme and the 43nd edition of the Festival Catalogue offered to your guests
  • A semi-private reception area (one and a half hours before the concert)
  • Pre-concert cocktail reception

Your contacts :
Sophie Chevre – Head of Communication and Fundraising
T : +33 (0)4 42 50 77 17 ou
Cécile Deleuze Serrus – Administrator in charge of sponsorship
T : +33 (0)6 80 48 01 08 ou